D16 Group Toraverb
D16 Group Toraverb

Toraverb, Software algorithmic reverb from D16 Group.

songboy 08/04/2011

D16 Group Toraverb : songboy's user review

« Gritty in a good way »

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I have had no issues running this on both a Mac Pro and a Macbook Pro, snow leopard and Logic 9. Although this plugin has a lot of features, if you've used reverbs enough, this should not be too difficult without a manual. I have to say that the setup would be simple enough and easy to use if it weren't so darn small. Why do software developers think its a good idea to make the windows so darn small? At least develop a way for the use to increase the size of the plugin so they can read it easily. They are all on the front of the plugin but again, the amount of parameters in the small GUI make it a pain sometimes to see what knob you are searching for.


As with all D16 software I have used, this is solid as a rock. No crashes, no hiccups and switching presets is almost instantaneous. The performance for this plugin is sort of interesting. I have compared this to other plugins I use and it seems to me that this one has more of a sharp gritty tinge to it. I feel that is what D16 is all about with there plugins, bringing some dirtiness to the party. I like that, but I must admit that when I reach for a Reverb, I usually want something more ethereal and warm. But, this does have its place (especially in some gritty electronica tracks). I have been using this plugin off and on for about 4 months.


What I like most about this unit is it's character. Overall I use other reverb plugins more but this one is it's own beast. Use it on a stereo drum track to get that "Gorrillaz" type sound or use it on a morphing pad to get that dirty house feel. What I don't like about it is my general complaint about D16 plugins, it's too darn small. I paid something like $50 or $55 for it and I am happy with that. The last thing I wanted was another Reverb plugin that sounded like Aether or Altiverb (I love those plugins so I don't need another that sounds just like them) so I am glad I chose this one. If you want some grit and dirt in your reverb, then I would say the precision and quality of this plugin is very good. I have used Aether, Altiverb, Ratshack reverb (reminds me of this plugin but this one has more character) and many others and this one stands out as its own sound. Yes, I enjoy having this in my arsenal when I need it so I would buy it again.