Mackie Onyx 1620
Mackie Onyx 1620

Onyx 1620, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the Onyx series.

Adrien_mix_you 07/08/2013

Mackie Onyx 1620 : Adrien_mix_you's user review

«  Great! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Rackable: No
16 line inputs, 8 Mic, so the first two are also instruments entered.

Flexible faders, phantom power on Mic EVERY, also cut down button.
EQs on each input has knobs (but I'll never use it)
Plugged in thanks to the optional FireWire card (300 €) I record in 24bit cushy / 96Khz, beyond it's useless ...


Extremely simple configuration in Cubase 6.5
After the drivers are installed, the card is recognized by Windows (7), Cubase starts, it goes into the Device Setup, it selects the soundcard Mackie, it sets the buffer.
I usually use a buffer between 128 and 256 it depends on the project, which gives me a latency of 2 ms input and 3 output.

For very large projects obviously when no more records are do not needto I happily increases the buffer up to 512 or more, just to relieve the CPU and ASIO.

The manual clear and sufficient? Haha I have rarely seen a manual such as Mackie, who are full of humor, anecdotes and other .. otherwise yes it is very very clear and well explained with pictures etc. ..

PS: Tested in Logic Pro on a Macbook Pro 2010, no need for drivers, the card is automatically recognized, it is stable, no worries.

Extremely rare crashes under Windows passage (4 crashes in 6 years)


For transparency I think not to be an expert at this level it, but I know it taints anything in sound, it does not take special colors ..

No breath report since I (2008) and yet I bought the model expo!

Equalizer works perfectly, although once connected by Firewire, faders and equalizers do not serve anything. Paid so in his DAW.


We are in June 2013, I used approximately since February 2008.

Before that, I had a small table on a connected analog PCI M-Audio Audiophile.

I love the fact that you can activate the phantom power on a particular track, not an entire group.
I love his side digital sound card can FireWire, which works great with extremely low latency (the PC must follow as of course ..)

Value good price. With the experience so I probably do it again this choice because now they have released the new model (the 1620i) and 16 digital tracks for 900 € with a sound card M-Audio/RME/MOTU, that price was that 8 inputs ...

the disadvantage is its size, the former model is a little bigger than the new one, which makes the little portable thing if you want to help save on the outside ..

But if placed on desktop and bosser, TIP TOP!