Mackie Onyx 1620
Mackie Onyx 1620

Onyx 1620, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the Onyx series.

seb le sab 11/04/2007

Mackie Onyx 1620 : seb le sab's user review


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Full Specifications on the website of mackie and AF
Only thing to add, from the rack, or you Buy Mack brackets are not given, or you Planer your rack to not obscure the SEND jack and inserts, but nothing that's really good!
Otherwise everything you need for a table at this level. special mention to the section to send control and monitoring (as simple as on a DJ mixer to say .... c).
I put the 8 in relation to that format if the rack pasque Onyx 1620 is top!


The general configuration is it simple?
enough to know hook instrumentals on a mixing desk, and read the manual .....
The usual functions are they easily accessible?
1 = 1 function button, everything is clear, precise, just read the manual ....
The manual is clear and sufficient?
An example for many manufacturers of audio because no translation, and all essential information.
Conclusion: This table is used with pleasure, the pots are nickel, slide the faders too well, and above all it exudes strength, and worse are lots of little features that tear all (pre / post on the sends, mute reroutable sub group, ....)


The console is transparent?
Great question ... if you want to record a hip hop singer with a good static and is known to solve a gain, pa problem, the sound is clear net Preece, pa need to invest in an expensive preamp, and sound pa necessarily top (see presonus or some Focusrite, etc.)
if you want to make electro, musical experimentation, or hard tek, tribe, hardcore, etc., even better than a c soundcraft! You can saturate the console has enormous levels without losing quality preamps or eq (c always the same good, fo having done your levels before ....)
for everything guitere and bass, this console kills ... it helps to equalize the fine mono, re equalize your stereo effects return, adding the "crunch" your sound has, in short it kills !!!!!!!!!!
She introduced the breath?
ben pa it, no, g franchemant tested with the full config and not wonder, it blows the pa ..... I love korg emx of breath, blow external sources, but it allows you almost to breath away without treatment, without altering his tone ... and this is rather rare (see behringer or phonic or even the famous soundcraft)
after it is on is a matter of adjustment toutjours gain and eq too but even .........
The equalizer is effective? ...
Equalizer?? j'apelle me that a filter! franchemant is unheard of in a product of this price.
eq mono tracks: a sharp 12 kHz, a hi med between 400Hz and 12kHz, a low med between 100 and 800 Hz, 80 Hz 1 bass + low cut at 100Hz, and you just do stuff like send an old delay mono guitar on one track and grind your sound to have resulted from kaosspad type, and same with any purpose gtr, which in itself is something that kills
eq stereo tracks: well if your such a thing emx or esx or mpc 500 or 1000 you'll regale you EQUALIZED as a dj on your sound ..... But I think this is the table top for electronic music and I tested a lot of models before pa ...


I use for 1 year, g tested from every angle, and the only negative really is the racking.
I tested before the behringer ub 1220fx the phonic 16 tracks with fx g rained the ref gift, pmc 12 jb systems, and of course soundcraft spirit 16, 24 and 32 in the concert hall's 32, and there's none like mackie to the quality and price.
c are the top nine 800 euros and it kills ............... looking mieu addition, all other trademarks are the default pa r RAPORT series onyx mackie
I do it again this choice of 456 billion times because it really kills any onyx