Mackie Onyx 1620
Mackie Onyx 1620

Onyx 1620, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the Onyx series.

picolo 07/23/2005

Mackie Onyx 1620 : picolo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Well, I'm not going m'tendre on the bte CHARACTERISTICS given the standard public who made t you know srement.
on the other hand I make a small complaint about the quality Mackie manufacturing. Usually solid construction here I find the knobs of a fragile-looking and are some irrguliers when they are running ...
There are only two bus is boring, low cut and I cut 75 Hz 100 Hz prfre finally it's personal. Ah yes ... there is no hand insert either while on the 1640 though.
Otherwise even when I am clearly satisfied CHARACTERISTICS offered for that price.


The manual in English, normal ...
Analog is a table so it can be complicated not just for source control room but hey you get used to it quickly.
As for the card and Tracktion, the use is really excellent, perfect for beginners intuitive.
I never used the PC for recording and even for the Fast Fashion (no sound card), and I quickly realized while liberalization and quickly and efficiently is a dconcertante simplicity ... Connect ... REGISTER!
Otherwise it is true that the record pre fader and EQ is a shame.


Well I'm not a pro but I found the background noise on the output jack hand really abuse me to the point of branch output ctrl room all the time.
Otherwise the rest perfect.
Trs well thought out button Permutt EQ EQ


I use it less than a year.
I really apprci the possibility of direct connection to a PC.
Report qualitprix excellent.