Mackie Onyx 1620
Mackie Onyx 1620

Onyx 1620, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the Onyx series.

Cid2Nice 04/11/2005

Mackie Onyx 1620 : Cid2Nice's user review


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- Rackable 19 inches but 12 U of long, hard to find shoes his foot.
- 8 mono channels, 4 Stereo, 4 to, a bus (sound mute when they are found on the ALT 3-4), 4 Stros return.
- Level connectors, XLR + Jack on mono, Stereo jack on the input / output magnto CAR.
- Equalizer paramtrique on low and high bands mdium.
- No effect.

I blame him it just did not insert on the master. Otherwise, I have what I need, nothing more, nothing less.


- The config is gnrale we can not simple, it's an analog console, so a knob / fader function.

- Everything is accessible, the knobs can be a bit small (smaller than my old console, but nothing dramatic).

- The manual is clear, with some tips and tricks, sometimes tinged with humor.

A + practice: seen LED meters on each slice, active even when the track is mut trs apprciable live.


- I find it transparent, much more than the dung I used before.
- At the level of breath, idem.
- When qualiseur: musical prcis, you really push to do saturate, and still enjoyable even when (well be too much either).

Anyway, I redcouvert the sound of my machines since I have.


- I use it for 3 months.
- I like EQs, the LED meters seen on the slices, the sound. What I like least, I RPET, no insert on the hand.
- Before acqurir this console, I had a behringer mx2642 who accompanied me for 4 prs of years before he died, the mackie succde him without blushing, far from it.
- I find the price justified in terms of performance and features, I find it sounds, but I've never tried to high-end console (all fawn, I will not).
- I replaced it with the same MODEL rflchir if he happens without anything ...