Mackie Onyx 1640
Mackie Onyx 1640

Onyx 1640, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the Onyx series.

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ludom 09/08/2005

Mackie Onyx 1640 : ludom's user review


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I command Racke, with a big fly.
for technical feature, just read the product file.
for me, this console represents the solution for recording live or in the studio.
on this point the only defect I blame him, it is monitoring. Indeed, it possesses two outputs, since it is destinea mao, this is not a problem, just the two monitoring channels we can route to or to, or subs .... . ca limit when even a little.

otherwise the sound is simply amazing for the price of a console, I see no competition.


The config is simple, 1 minute to install the drivers and reboot (yes better), and off you go
ASIO2 nikel in Cubase or Nuendo, latency is forgotten and big stability it does not change me from hdsp9652 rm.
second default, direct output are pre eq ... it's a shame to lose the comfort of perkins, but I found a little scheming for the rere, simply save the master only (in 17 and 18)
and route that channel only to this one, then it benefits from eq. course must cabler two buses to the monitors etc ... but it works like quiet ca.
third default, headphones back ... it's a little hard to juggle the mix of headphones and of the rule, but such, it must blouzer.


The bin I do not see too much.
breath, I have not found (TFW slice 16 snoring a bit with the gain burne, but the power supply is down? Finally, given the sweet potato preamp, rarely EXCEED pm)
eq !! fabulous, I knew already full of mixers fan VZL for French touch, but they are the angels, it's wahwah eq, ca severe slice


I use since not even 15 days and I'm super happy with this console.
the defects are simply the return routing machine if Mackie was adding a small master block with normal items, this console was perfect, I would have given it 10 instead of 8.