Mackie Onyx 1640
Mackie Onyx 1640

Onyx 1640, Analog Mixer from Mackie in the Onyx series.

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JoneSmice 09/26/2005

Mackie Onyx 1640 : JoneSmice's user review


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16 mono inputs
Pramplificateurs Onyx
EQ switchable Perkins ("old") 4 strips of two semi-medium paramtriques
6 dparts individually selectable auxiliary pre / post fader
Pan, mute
4 subgroups with trust or not to mix LR
Solo slctionnable pre / post fader
Talkback section of well thought

This console is rack but what it is deep ...


We'll play it simple: it's a killer ...

There's that see all the features and look at the price APRS: Yeah, when even!

- The manual I see too much they can say more ... It can be download on the site

- The routing, in relation to this amazing price range.

- Buttons: There's a small white bar at the bottom of the button makes case for whether the button is pressed or not, and that led to features such as 48 V, AFL, ...

- Colors: ide what this brilliant color choices ... Dj's beautiful (which changes nothing except the pleasure of puff above) but more practical: a background color in each section (gain, EQ, aux, routing).
Trs is visual, you know right away or we're going.
The equalizer knobs are blue and white (very discernible, which is not the case for all tables that have all too often the colors of knobs that are too similar in the dark)

- The potentiomtres: I read in some sort of magazine that franais knobs enjoyable n'taient not handle ... I do not agree at all: it slides well, smooth ...
It seems that they have two months to develop these knobs (they have that in a fouttre Mackie?), But Greg Mackie is attached so good ... We will not complain!

Everything is as good ergonomics dtail but work can work more effectively.

- Onyx interface (optional): A 16 to 450 tracks, which could be better? FireWire (mobile use, live recording ,...), intgre the table (space saving ),...
on the other hand, no way to route as you want (sending the sound card is APRS insert and before the equalizer)
And only two return tracks magntos: shame, but should not ask too much either.

In terms of use, some small BMOL:

- Fader 60mm: shame ... On ct bf is super deep (16U) but I think for the equalizer they could work out by putting potentiomtres double crown for mediums.

- Trs profound will integrate its not always easy working environment but the price to pay for all these functions on an analog (and numrique, with page-up, page-down is far from being practical)

For the rack, samzic given me a link where you can find a rack for the Onyx 1640 on Thomann (range Thon), and as I am in a good mood, I give you:

But it's really critical because it takes ...

The score of 10 is that I put into perspective with the price range.


- Breath: What is a?

- The Onyx mic prampli: Good point. It's OK. In the CATEGORY of "transparent", they transcribe very dynamics of the signal returned to them. The bottom is relatively large, high Dfine well. They will never "wonders" as could the DDIS pramplis high-end, but his job will do well in all circumstances. You can count on it.
Only default, not a standard gain (60 dB) but more than enough for normal applications (less atmosphere to capture low trs, but it will pay the price) with a limit too, and a logarithmic breath appears to 3 / 4 of the race. Area that we explore only rarely trs signals "music"

- The equalizer Perkins: Right. Trs efficient and enjoyable. It is good, trs musical and leaves much to use. Little we know or turn the right button, a direct sound with a warmth that my computer will hardly get out.
I redcouvre mixing analog (and happiness).
Bypass also very practical (it is sometimes the best of all rglages ... lol)

The score of 10 is that I put into perspective with the price range.


I use it since it came out ...

The default is trs trs redhibitory far from being given the features and price.

I tried other models, but I think sincrement that it has no competition.
Otherwise, Allen & Heath with their Wizard3 dfendent is well (multi-purpose Intgr but the Onyx is more functional and better sound (personal opinion).
I am fully satisfied, I found the report qualitprix amazing and given the reliability and solid Mackie, this does not m'tonnerait that make a card table ...

They released the larger tables (24 and 32 tracks) with an 8 to prampli amlior and 100mm faders.

In an environment small / medium studio or sound, these consoles have a future ...
In a professional field, they are not ashamed if we did not put a ct SSL or other Amek (but compare what is comparable)

I'm trying to get me my little studio, and this table is aptly rle "Heart of my config".

I put 10 because of my views, I am more than fully satisfied.