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Midas VeniceF

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Midas Venice 160
News Midas Venice 160

Although designed for live sound, the audio performance, and the addition of a FireWire digital audio interface mean that the VeniceF can be used for both recording and remixing applications.

The VeniceF features a horizontal fader panel, parametric EQ filters, the Midas mic pre, and the bus structure remains true to the original Venice concept. Six aux sends, four groups and stereo masters. The F model adds an additional mono bus and a 7 × 2 matrix.


All bus outputs feature XLR connectors and insert capability. Routing options have been expanded from the outgoing model too. VeniceF has individual routing to groups, all six aux sends are individually switchable pre or post fade, and the two aux buses designated as monitor (foldback) sends are also switchable pre/post EQ on an individual channel basis.

Features overview:

  • Frames: 16, 24, 32
  • All-new Alex Cooper mic pre
  • XL3 EQ – four-band swept eq with two parametric mids
  • Input polarity switch
  • Insert in/out switch with LED
  • Direct out with pre/post EQ switch
  • Mono bus
  • Individual routing to stereo, mono and groups with pan-to-groups enable switch
  • 32×32ch. FireWire interface
  • 100mm faders
  • 3 year warranty


No pricing info yet, but more details are available on the Midas website.

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