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faya vince 11/19/2004

Alesis Micron : faya vince's user review


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This is a version of the "scne" the Alesis Ion, 37-key keyboard. Controller is the number of limit:
- Synthtiseur modlisation virtual analog,
- Rel Modlisation time DSP, 500 MIPS power,
- More than 1,000 programs and multitimbral setups ditables,
- Compatibility with programs of the Alesis ION synthtiseur
- 8 channels polyphony, multitimbral parts 4,
- 3 oscillators per channel with continuous variables donde forms,
- Synchronization of oscillators, synthse FM
- Rsons two multimode filters per channel, 16 types DIFFERENT,
- 2 assignable LFO for modulation by matrix
- And not Squenceur not arpgiateur,
- Squenceur programmable rhythm,
- Squenceur dynamic phrases in real time,
- Multi-purpose digital bus Intgr 4 mono or Stereo
+ 1 with stro bus master reverb,
- Stereo or mono 4 overdrives simultaneously, one per game, vocoder 40 bands,
- Keyboard 37 keys the sensitive and VLOC denfoncement relchement,
- 3 360 rotary potentiomtres for hte RESOLUTION CONTRL in real time progressive trs (RESOLUTION 12-bit or 32 times the standard twelve o'clock RESOLUTION dun Controller)
- 2 modulation sliders, a pitch bend wheel
- Entries for expressed and sustain pedals,
- Dentre converters and output 24 bit - 48 kHz,
- 2 inputs and 2 analog output jack symtriques 6.35,
- Dimensions: 563.88 x 69.85 H x D 230.20 mm, weight 6.5 kg.

And for bad (or lazy, it's your choice), more than 500 presets any style (pad, string, bass, lead, fx, drums etc. ..)


Good move on to something srieuses.
Despite the limited number of controllers, it is doing trs, trs good ergonomics as great pens. We have a big knob with click (style mouse) which allows for easy ACCS all menus, quick and there is found trs well. If you want to have some quick ACCS Fawn Settings, simply assign one of three knobs and endless hop.
The edition of the sounds could not be simpler and allows for easy ACCS all the power of the synth.

Regarding the manual, j'mettrais of reserves, I find it super clear and succinct a little too on certain things (editing, use of the sequencer and arpgiateur for example).
But to be honnte, it is not really necessary (except THE FIRST hours may be), then the pens so well as to many of the classic opration a synth.


The sound is the highlight of the machine. The Micron sounds incredibly well and makes it unbeatable for the price now! It is a versatile synth trs, able to swing sounds good crystalline FM (there are ways to make percussive sounds good mtalliques rsons) as pure analog ground heated through.
The sound is rather soft, I would almost say "fminin" the gnrateur of pink and white noise as a rgal softness.
This tight deadlines for plump bass will also show ffective.
Also note a variety of rhythmic sounds trs typ BAR analog (c synthse of, not here cfm), suitable for electro.

Another highlight, the filters, which sounds mchamment and offers a wide range trs possibility, among others point out the filters formants and 3 tb ples that allows you to shout it right the bass and aciiiiiiiiiiiiiid give a color (with the rsonnance has done well, but be careful I did not say a mulait TB 303).
The multi Intgr effect is far from being ridiculous (reverb / delay multi / phaser / flanger / compressor etc.) and you can often dpanner.


I have been a month now and I'm in love with my Micron compltement!
It's small, perfectly versatile, powerful and above the synthse it sounds incredibly well (do not even look MicroKorg compared with a synth or another in the same price range would be a loss temp!).
The price / quality ratio is simply outstanding, pay 460 euros in Germany, I am the synthesis of the moment! And that price will be given the qu'tre comprhensif ngatifs some points of the machine.
Outputs-no spars
-No aftertouch on the keyboard (those who have criticized the quality of the keyboard would do well to test the concurrency is not worse than a Micro Q and largely better than microKORG and these keys to bb ).
The sequencer, which is certainly a good idea, but that is not an ergonomics incredible and is far from being a MODEL of gender, level of function.

In short I would strongly recommend this little Micron and for those who have more money, so the checker Ion is the same audio engine but more knobs, larger keyboard and larger screen.