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Clavia Analog Modeling Synths user reviews

  • Clavia Nord Lead 4

    Clavia Nord Lead 4 - " Little big synth"


    I do not believe that the characteristics are those of a good virtual analog to share this unfortunate lack of after touch and keyboard not very accurate and a bit slippery, so I did not have in mind a possible subsequent resale I spend at least the …

  • Clavia Nord Lead 4

    Clavia Nord Lead 4 - "Well designed, efficient and sounds!"


    There are already two reviews that I plussois overall, so I'll rather like giving my experience with this new Nord Lead. On the characteristics, I put 7/10 because as often with North, simplicity is preferred to opportunities, which has good a…

  • Clavia Nord Wave

    Clavia Nord Wave - " On the road to perfect synth"


    Released in late 2007, the Nord Wave is in line with the famous Nord Lead first "virtual analog" synthesizer history. One could also call it a "Nord Lead extended" his philosophy is to offer the same engine and the same ergonomics but with more diver…

  • Clavia Nord Wave

    Clavia Nord Wave - " A nice wave from the north, but the last."


    The Nord Wave is a synth / sampler digital rather unique hybrid of its kind. - Modeling Synthesizer and Reading Samples - 49 ratings keyboard velocity sensitive (49 notes) with selection of the octave, - Multitimbral 2 parts - 2 oscillators, 6…

  • Clavia Nord Wave

    Clavia Nord Wave - " Red Alert!"


    For all characteristics has been said in the posts below. UTILIZATION Minimal manual. Fortunately use "construction of his killing" mode is intuitive. Nothing to do with the Japanese competitors linters parameters, level of interwoven menus, and …

  • Clavia Nord Lead 3

    Clavia Nord Lead 3 - " Poor"


    The worst purchase of my life. I never used this synth because it spent time in the test, repair, test, repair ... So much so that it made me disgusted with the music. Purchased in 2008 and finally sold in 2013. In short it was a nightmare SY…

  • Clavia Nord Lead 2X

    Clavia Nord Lead 2X - " Excellent synth VA"


    Keyboard synth type 4 octaves transposed two octaves of acute or severe. Virtual analog synthesis. 20 voice polyphony. 4 multitimbral parts. 26 knobs and 27 buttons. 990 programs (396 editable) and 396 performances (99 editable) showing the 40 pr…

  • Clavia Nord Modular G2X

    Clavia Nord Modular G2X - " Huge!"


    For specification information see the website or Clavia. This is a modeling synths most successful, even if a bit dated (many?), Its features are really huge. The architecture is really well thought out, the principle of variation is sufficiently…

  • Clavia Nord Wave

    Clavia Nord Wave - " The heat of the north"


    Keyboard 49 keys. Managing virtual analog synth samples. Bitimbrale (2 bank by allowing you to play two sounds at the same time or in the afternoon, having two instruments). Software to manage sounds and samples are available on the Clavia sit…

  • Clavia Nord Modular

    Clavia Nord Modular - Yorkho's review


    2 or 3 octaves, but precise touch plastic keyboard Sounds infinite, all styles and editable wish provided they use the PC All controllers are assignable which is really nice in play Multiple Jack in & out will blend effortlessly Total polypho…