Korg MS2000
Korg MS2000
okia76 09/03/2007

Korg MS2000 : okia76's user review


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Keyboard 49 keys 4 OCTS
2 stereos taken out
1 microphone jack (between vocoder)
An instrument jack (between)
4 voice polyphony (not plan to play the way the Turkish top)
1 headphone jack
9v power transformer
1 headphone jack
all jack 6.35
8 banks of 16 sounds


Very simple config that knows a bit synths
the edition is really intuitive.
you can download the user guide and mspatchbuddy
to save the sound.
the manual book and blah ... and in English ....


Very good synth for electronica in general
some electric piano sound are very good, too bad they is not quite usable because of the poly limitbr /> effects are not bad but do not replace an external rack.
the keyboard is not terrible, es t veleocit well done.
the love for these terrible low, and its style evolution leads.les detune sounds pad or
minor sweep pad are fantasies for the lounge or the environment.
the sequencer 3 * 16 patterns is very useful for the evolution in real time, without the arp is nice
more (very easy to recrr sequences like "Lost In Love".


I use it for 2 years
I love the retro design and easy access.
the vocoder is more a condition to see a good micro pramp upstream.
I prefer my norlead outright.
I redeemed directly without hesitate