Korg MS2000
Korg MS2000
gillou38 06/07/2007

Korg MS2000 : gillou38's user review


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A small view following a loan

4 octave keyboard. Frankly the keyboard is deagreable. Ms. CS1X is my best.
Standart Pitch/Mod/Sustain/1 control pedal Assignee
Stereo audio out / stereo Audio In / Midi in out thru
For other paramtres I do not know


Simple Config General. Many screen printing on the front. By knowing a little synthe one is not lost. Editing is simple and effective on the buttons is easier than in the sub menu ....
I have no manual


No sounds (factory) are really showing off technology. I'm working on that sounds
it has something to happen but with the sounds of plants you really make me I do techno.Pour funk and rock is no piano sounds piano elec organ ca disturbs me a little but True, this synth does not have this vocation.
The expression is correct.
ATTENTION I did not test the vocoder. Be little that it alone making up for all ...


For 30 min
As its weight and look
The least the sound (I recall FACTORY)
Money we have to look after the more intensive use because my CS1X down a beating.

PS of 18/03/2010:
I'm talking about the report Qualitprix so if you find the price of a MS2000 CS1X ca change compltement gives

If one lends me a second time may be I would say no ......

PS 18/03/2010
I should be disappointed but I trs comes from a dnicher for less than 150 Euros so I bought

Frankly auqu'un sounds not inspire me at least.
Yet the Micro Korg demos (same engine as the MS2000) really do not want.