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Korg MS2000
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etid 09/07/2005

Korg MS2000 : etid's user review


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All specifications have already had developed here.


It is quite easy to use. The instructions are clear enough, even if we delve in to the beginner like me in modeling.


I play in a band pop / rock French and the sounds you can get are fine for this style. Of course we must have fun with, not to use the factory sounds that are too oriented electronica. For our part we have created a bank of sounds specific to our set piece. (3 / 4 different sounds). To defend the subject of negative reviews, I would say it is not for purists analog sounds: It is good to digital! That's what I love is what makes it unique (and price!).
For a good command of the intrument it is necessary to use a sustain pedal, the feelings are more "realistic".


In conclusion, I would say that I bought it because everyone was critical! I thought at least I would have a synth that nobody uses! Take advantage of this, the price drops considerably used.
Another important point, I'm a big fan of the band Weezer, and the synth sound on some songs. And, oh surprise, the MS2000 is pictured on the book's last album, which should increase somewhat the reputation of the MS2000!
I do it again if I buy it direct, and I bought three others for selling three times the price in 15 years!