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Korg MS2000
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Olivier_57100 12/17/2004

Korg MS2000 : Olivier_57100's user review


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I think with the previous opinion, everything has been said. I just feel it's a big box with nothing in it! Disappointed about polyphony and multitimbral, ouch, ouch, ouch, it was a shock anyway, I was not expecting it.


Simple, yes, cons, I've never had fun editing sounds. English manual ... thank you sellers (Metz europa music ...), here we are so Francen an effort, even if the synth is easy to use, it still needs the occasional helping hand of a manual.


Sounds (in retrospect) are missing "something." Bass and Strings, right to the limit. For the rest, filling unnecessary. For electronic music yeah, but not enough polyphony and multitimbratlité ...


I used it for at least three years. I admit having bought "blind" and I regret it a bit.

I sold last week in a store specializing in barter for 200 euros. I wanted a little more (300), the seller told me he had to make an effort on the price ... as this keyboard does not do it for me, I said goodbye.

Oh no, the more choices there ...