BadApple 03/21/2011

Roland SH-201 : BadApple's user review

« Great Synth »

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This roland SH-201 is a 49 key synthesiser with 2 oscilaters.
It has 8 waveforms to choose from on each oscilator (osc)
It has everything that an analogue synth would need in my opinion. The D beam is a really cool feature and you can set different filters to that also.
You can make any sound you want really with this synth, from dirty bass wobbles all the way to trance leads and fx sweeps. I use mine as a controller also and it is very useful as I can set filters on a vst to the knobs on the synth and have a lot more flexibility.
Connections are midi, jack and usb. There is also a slot for pedals if you want to use one of those with it.


With synths like this, editing sounds is as easy as a walk in the park. Each knob effects the sounds and you can have a great time trying to make new sounds from the presets that are given.
The manual is more than clear, it tells you everything you need to know about synths and how to make new sounds. I mean... if you did not know anything about synths you would do once you have read this manual.
Set up is more than easy, just plug it in hook it up to some speakers and your ready to go.


With most synths the sound is not realistic, you can never create a perfect violin etc with one but they are very nice sounds non the less.
Id say that the velocity touch is ok, not the best but pretty good.
Some sounds a really cheesy but you can make them nicer with a twist of a knob.
All the effects are good, I would like to have seen more filters but apart from that its great.


Favourite thing. Playing with the lfos.
Least favourite thing. A bit weak eg the knobs can be pulled off really easily.
Very good value for money for the size and the features.
I have always played with synths such as microkorg and moogs and I would say moogs are my favourite but very expensive.
Quality of sound is great in my opinion, if it was not I would have sent it back straight away.
If I had more money I would buy a little fatty moog but since I did not I bought this and it is a great synth.