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Desmodue 04/20/2005

Yamaha AN1X : Desmodue's user review


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Dj Describes extensively above. They are impressive gure for Premire (10-voice polyphony, 2 oscillators per channel). Looks like Yamaha, great champion of "all numrique" and titillated by his classmates began "to see" the analog revival. Without really believing it has installed in the case of a SERIES Previous rcupr an electronic "switch" and a keyboard trs enjoyable play. And cr an unusual instrument in its production but nanmoins trs INTERESTED who wants to tackle it a little srieusement: a machine as it has not been 1) to make sounds " ralistes "and 2) use only the factory sounds. A brief returns to the original spirit of synthtiseur, sound research. Connectivity is standard in the genre, with a small "plus" the possibility of connecting two assignable foot controller (an "all or nothing" and pedals) in addition to the classic volume pedals.
Aesthetics trs (too?) Discrte, the color blue - gray is a nod to vnrables ancestors (ARP 2600), no fluff at all: a dozen knobs, a fist pushbuttons and basta.


The interface is fairly Drout at first, it has less buttons than his friends (Clavia, Roland Korg and other), so the buttons and knobs are almost all "multifunctional". In the beginners you get lost a little, but with a little practice is all quite usable, if somewhat mind moves away from "analog" with a control by function. The book is fairly comprehensive but a little "clutter" (reference page 50 page 92 etc ...). Hint pnible but hlas more rpandu: the power supply transformer into the outlet, not practical at all with multiple sockets, it condemns the two adjacent outlets.
On a positive note, everything is accessible from the front without using a computer editor, the machine itself is sufficient. Needless to say, it apprciable other than in his room!
Another trick of formidable efficiency: the connection of subsets (oscillators, filters, effects, various controllers etc. ..) to each other by an array of programming that makes an almost modular.


Sounds .... it's such a story got personal!
To make "Baloche" with "his" machines, a piano or brass tail raliste larger than life, it's rap, go your way. Nanmoins, something very useful at times, we get easily get electric pianos or organs (including pipes) plutt nice.
APRS is the world of purely electronic sounds: the everything is done and, despite appearances, the possibilities are quite thunderous. The squenceur - arpgiateur allows rudimentary stuff in the style of Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream other, the controllers are effective in real time to sound "live" modifiable will when we play. The machine does not sound too "Yamaha" (sounds too bright and "mtalliques"), nothing numriques do with the brand. EUROPEAN production (Novation, Clavia, Access etc. ..) would be the best at this level but the price is not the same! The effects section is sufficient in the majority of cases. Sr Although there are more and more in a rack spar but the dj is still in it .... As usual the factory sounds are quite arbitrary: go ahead, change in all directions and Crez your own, a will get better!
The keyboard is trs enjoyable to play, but not too strong, low noise and dynamics rpond correctly.


I've had 15 days, I would say nothing about the reliability ... it dates from 97, everything works well, so should not be a bad. O the rate it used ngoc (more manufactured between 200 and 300, you have for the price of an ordinary keypad n'met no sound the same opportunity, over a synth East "search" trs INTERESTED. mconnu but is an instrument of a report qualitprix trs INTERESTED current prices. If c'tait again? yes no hsitation least to put much more expensive. And tight deadlines to harness an expander of the same style to dcupler opportunities, the keyboard is good and of a comfortable tension (or the Korg Roland have only four octaves)
Heading "cronyism" see more at what he does with his AN1X, you will not due!