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Paper Jam 06/27/2004

Yamaha AN1X : Paper Jam's user review


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See more advice later, that my time is correct!
However, I will focus on the ability to record any movement of pots (up to 4), a few seconds or a few times and played in a loop to trigger notes. Therefore, there is no limit to the modulations: any parameter of the sound can be modulated, and if you are not agile enough to turn the button next regular cycles, the publisher (AN1xEdit) you will draw any curve. When you know that a synth "analog", the number of LFO is an argument, as that it has two ... over four counting function.


Getting started is easy, aided by a manual in the first part overviews the principles of the device. Of course, the facade does not offer as many pretty buttons that all its competitors, but when you see the price, it's normal! All this is offset by a matrix system and color codes: when the machine is well known, can be programmed very quickly.
Now, if you're used to with all the synth parameters direct access, then yes, it can be tedious (is not it, Dul?).
Note also that the 8 knobs can be assigned to 8 sound parameters (in addition to the tape, the dials, ...), to modulate the sound during live performances ... without error.


Do not rely on the factory sounds ... They give an overall idea sounds, I would call ... "Clinical" and rather conventional. But when one knows the machine is able to reproduce most of the analog sounds: TB-303, organs, electric pianos, basses at Moog, tablecloths at the WYD.
Now, if we explore many possibilities, you can get sounds strange, partly thanks to the FM synthesis. I invite you to listen to an example
However, its lack of polyphony, its filters are probably not the best, and sounds very "self-clean", the AN1x makes it difficult to have the big big sound that kills ...


I bought it shortly after its release, and it remains my reference device (in addition to a MicroKorg, an A5000, a D50, a RM1x and all sorts of plugins).
You will find many user reviews in the world dance and techno. But I use it in two areas a little different:
1) My electro-rock LAUNCH FREE (listen to the arpeggiators WHY? On (, and you tell me the news!) .
2) In a project electro / dowtempo / breakbeat called PAPER JAM ( the AN1x there is a role: most of the basses, leads, and effects, he . Even my producer, with no lack of high-end devices, is not indifferent to what I have out of the AN1x.