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Tascam MidiStudio 688
Tascam MidiStudio 688

Thread I'm coming back to my musical life.a few questions for you.

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1 I'm coming back to my musical life.a few questions for you.
Hi everyone :)
My name is Don (daaaa). I've been having many sleepless nights debating whether 2 go further into debt to my partner Mr. Master (charge) and buy a new, self-contained portastudio-like beast or like the Phoenix, resurrect my once beloved 688? Last night I ened up waisting 2.5 hrs in a Sam Ashe store in New Haven, Ct, tryin 2 get 1 of their 2 salesmen to demo me a good Condencer mic AND to get the
TEAC 2488MKii to work. Neither of which was done as my wife & puppy waited in the car. They frustrated me especially w/ the quote..."your tascam 688 is worthless !" and so is your PC as long as you have Vista as the OS." Yes, the guy's name is "Robbie" & I plan to make him eat his words once I get back home in 2 weeks.
Ok, I walked in there ready to demo & buy the Zoom HD16CD.
As all i have read about it was quite positive.
But, right next to it was the 24-tk Tascam for $599 clearance.
Now i know why they are "dumping" it--it kept freezing & giving error codes upon bootup.
I knew, b-4 going in there that ANY tascam 24 tk was too much as I am currently looking for a GOOD sounding MIC w Good LOW END plus a yamaha DTExplorer drum set to record my OWN drumming as well as providing me w stress release & good therapy.
I, along w my wife who wanted to see it, finally came out of the store at closing time--after 2+ hrs w/ no stinkin' answers except that store stinks (I am being kind here) and the new Tascam isn't far behind.
****I truly need all of your help as I have not multitracked on "Tammy"Tascam688 in over 10years. But i know 'she' works as I've booted her up & played back my musical memories from the 90's when I was gigging 6nights/wk; money was there & I even sold many CDs made on my 688.
So here i sit, hoping someone reads this & hasn't been either bored to tears or think I'm crazy. Well, I am CRAZY ! lol let's get that outta the way. I'm 58 goin on 24, losing my hearing(had it tested 2 weeks ago) so I'm 'on the clock", so to speak to leave my family w/ something to either laugh at or cherish once my ashes become fertilizer.
1)I'd like to read all your suggestions for medium priced condenser mic w/ balls(base\low end balls :)
2)What's a PRACTICAL WAY to hookup my Tammy-Teac688 to my Intel Quad 2.4GHz w 2TB hard drives???
Oh Yes, It's got a Vista64-bit OS w 8GB RAM.
3)Should i rebuild my "old" 3.4GHz XP pro which was burned out 2 yrs ago ?
4)I'd like to start w a NEW CON. mic-FYI-I do have a Shure Beta SM-58 which i sang thru a Digitech harmonizer that blew folk's minds. Ok that's it for now. I'm beat for I've been on this hell-bent expedition too damn long. I desperately need some answers from REAL PEOPLE WHO CARE & some sleep. :)
Goodnight, i eagerly await any sort of answers, even agreeing that I'm an insane musician. Butt, you had better include ENTERTAINER in that description, thank you.
Thanks for your share, your help & for reading me. Let's all work to KEEP LIVE MUSIC...ALIVE.