Audiofanzine FR 12/04/2008

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by pvi/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Mono synth:

• Two oscillators + white noise generator

• Low-pass Curtis filter (2 or 4 poles)

• Analog VCAs

• Three envelop generators (ADSR plus delay)

• Two octavers (one and two octaves below)

• External input with feedback

• Four assignable controllers per program

• Four non-assignable additional controllers for cutoff, resonance, attack, decay/release

• 16 x 4 step sequencer

• Comprehensive modulation matrix

• Arpeggiator

• MIDI in, MIDI out/thru, audio in, L/R audio out, headphone out

• Free PC and Mac editor software

Lots of videos on youtube:


Easy sound editing thanks to the Mac/PC editor, many routing possibilities, complicated sequenced sounds.

You can change the assignment of the four controllers directly on the synth, but it's not very practical in emergency situations (you need 10-20 seconds to do it).

The knobs are encoders so they have a unusual response, which requires a certain time to adapt to them. They don't have a linear response so it's sometimes difficult to set the parameter value you want. Certainly an OS upgrade will solve this problem.

Another disadvantage is that the attack and release controls affect the overall sound, in other words you change all three envelopes simultaneously, which is not convenient for all presets.

To keep it short, you'll need a sequencer or a control surface to get the best out of this synth.


The sound is the main asset of the synth. The circuitry is 100% analog and you can hear it. The sound has an impressive presence even without using the sub-oscillators.

The envelopes have a great punch. The device produces deep and percussive bass sounds as well as great lead and techno sounds (check the Introverted program).


Nice synth considering its price.

It's perfect to get a big and powerful bass sound in my home studio.