yoTrakkz 10/06/2011

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho : yoTrakkz's user review

« simply powerful »

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The Dave Smit Mopho is one of my first analog synths. I spent two hours playing with it the day it arrived. There were things in my studio vibrating that never did before. There are types of sounds I'm finding myself jamming on that I never liked the digital emulations of. The tonal capacity of this thing is mind blowing, from speaker-damaging bass tones to vintage & modern sounding lead sounds with TONS of expressive possibilities.


Midi setup between Sound Editor and Midi USB keys still have bugs. Manual is nice but could be a little more helpful and laid out better.
The keyboard version is out so if you are a serious tweaker, save your cash and get that instead.


Sounds amazing. If you have been working with soft synths as I have for years instead of hardware, you will immediately know the difference. All the knobs needed for the beginner are here and for the intermediate to expert everything else should be pretty intuitive.
It's also got plenty of quirky patches & sound FX. I haven't delved into editing yet, but out of the box it's easily the most fun I've had playing in years. The endless encoders are kind of annoying, but the price paid for this level of sound quality crushes any little gripes I have. You should have a good MIDI controller for playing anyway, the knobs are just fine for editing, perhaps even better suited. Yeah, I just can't say enough good things about this unit.


Overall, I`ll have to put my Alesis Qs7 into the audio input and see if I can`t use a couple LFO`s to turn my full organ sound into The Who`s Baba O`reilly intro. You owe it to yourself to get one of these as soon as possible this thing is great! Buy It!