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manico97 05/14/2005

Oberheim Matrix-1000 : manico97's user review


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It is a muse Oberheim rack!
The connection is pure trs: the 3 MIDI in, out and through, one audio output and power supply pin.


Operation is ultra-simple, but the use of software or a MIDI controller can edit sounds.


Exellent sound!
Type 80s, but are still NEWS I connect with a multi effect and sounds great!
Brass type of Van Halen Jump, Rosanna Toto .....
The warm strings trs
Low rev fm, much like the DX7 DX9 and see the same 11
Effects spciaux original trs
Organs rather bizarre, but usable trs


I love it!
Shuffled to other machines, it dmarque trs well!
L o trs other synths are heavy with a mix scratch ....., the Matrix 1000 is dmarque not eat the other parts!