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nikko666 08/06/2006

Studio Electronics SE-1 : nikko666's user review


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It is a rack that offers sounds very close to a Minimoog, but with MIDI capabilities and memories.
256 memories, support midi mod wheels, aftertouch, etc. ... the SE-1 Studio Electronics is better than a Minimoog blade at a fraction of the price.
Monophonic course


We can not be simpler, you connect, you play.
You can change the sounds for the buttons very well thought out.
I must say that it is immediately impressed by the quality of the sounds of the bank base (especially bass and leads.).
Then when you change the sounds we realize that the machine is super stable, nothing to do with an old vintage.
Hat Studio Electronics for making a machine with perfect ergonomics. Operation is very easy, you get quick results we seek.


The sound is really light years of MFB, a Neptune, and even a trip.
The traveling is really more limited, it is much more expensive and sounds a little too 'round' for my taste.
In short when we heard this marvel is immediately captured and the price and (sorry for those who can not afford) fully justified.
I do not know of that have equivalent synth sound as perfect, covering all styles and really polyvanent for both the Hip Hop Jazz, Newage.
Its flaw is to have no S & H and Noise and therefore it is wise enough that a machine will make every good vintage big sound (have to trash your old synths) with a simple MIDI implementation of quality and memories! I put 10 anyway because I'm tired of galleries with synthetic CV / gate, which go out of tune.
This synth sounds really analog, it is also, but I mean that the grain is not below the Minimoog, the contrary ...


Obviously I put 10. There is no equivalent. This synth is used by every major, the list is too long. Yet these 'great' have the money to pay for MemoryMoog, a ton of travel. But no, they used the SE1, because it has a perfect sound for what it does, it is stable, effective, robust rack in the studio, with lots of memory and a MIDI support quality and very complete.

Here, put some money aside, and then resell your vintage sleeping, you're going to burn the studio with such a device!

Note from 07/2006: I correct that opinion because I have now a Minimoog Voyager V 3.1. It must be said, the SE1x sounds better than the Minimoog in all areas. This is not the same machine (the mini has a keyboard, a touch screen, looks terrible and it's a great object of scene), but in studio and pure, SE1 has more punch and the sound is better defines it best resort in a mix and the bass is more effective.