Vermona PerFourMer MKII
Vermona PerFourMer MKII
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farkey 08/20/2012

Vermona PerFourMer MKII : farkey's user review

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4 slices of mono synths, near Mono Lancet, but it has two oscilloscope!
- 4 vco / vcf 4/4 lfo / 4 vca / 4 envelopes
- Wave: sine / tri / saw / pulse / square / noise
- An external input for each, can be used to apply an insert effect in series!
- 4 outputs vco out to supply a modular system!
- Possibility of the oscilloscope syncher them, FM ...
- No memories, are discrete circuits => back before 1982, except for MIDI
- Modes: mono1 (4 mêm oscilloscope in time) Mono2 (1 tilt to turn, in series)
duophonic1 (2 matched oscilloscope turns) duophonic2 (2 oscilloscope in random) poly1 (4 polyphonic voices with each slice assigned to a note), poly2 (same with p1 fashion steal rating)
- Multitimbral noon: 4 different channels from 16 freely assignable per
- Aftertouch noon that affects the vcf
- Assignment / release per pitch bend
- Midi velocity which affect the vca fear of every
- Syncable LFOs by midi clock
- Everything is adjusted via knobs and switches ... no editor noon, usb ...


The issue is clear, the beast is sometimes difficult to tune, especially when sending midi notes with a big gap range;


Analog and full, rich lower midrange is there!
it reminds me of the CS15, Korg Monopoly, Roland SH in stamp


bought 2 days ago is a real must! and the price is fully justified