Vermona PerFourMer MKII
Vermona PerFourMer MKII
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fredziak 11/22/2013

Vermona PerFourMer MKII : fredziak's user review


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The Vermona Perfourmer MkII is a new and improved version of the first Perfourmer who was out there yardstick decade. This is an analog synthesizer with old, no memory programming. The Perfourmer still has a MIDI interface input (CV and Gate optional), of which the drive with a standard keyboard. You can also groan the beast without a keyboard with a small push button. The device also features a small built-in arpeggiator.
This synthesizer consists of four equal installments, each consisting of a VCO, a low-pass four-pole filter, an envelope, an LFO and some possibilities for modulation prewired. We thus have four small analog synthesizers. Note that each has an input and a dedicated output enable treatment of certain external signals and a modular approach. I regret the absence of a second envelope but you can not have everything, especially when each function must be multiplied by four ...
The originality lies in the flexible use of four tranches: one can indeed be 4 instruments responding to separate MIDI channels or slices together to dispose of two instruments in one or two oscillators with four oscillators. One can also opt for a mono approach stacking sounds, polyphonic or with one slice per note. Icing on the cake: a "turning point" mode Égrenne successive notes on each slice, what make Topper sequences ... Between slices: opportunities modulation and sync to expand the sonic palette.
Note: Deutsch Qualität for manufacturing and robustness.


With this machine without memory, you must cook and eat his stamp is hot. Only salvation photographing his condition to reproduce the settings later. After all, any smartphone is the case today, we will have a thought for the pioneers and were using Polaroid.
Accustomed to the presets that we are, the Perfourmer reminds us very quickly that it is desirable to control the programming. A beautiful sound that is deserved and this machine does not serve us on a platter. That said, each of the 4 slices is rather easy to understand and you easily get out of pretty things. on the other hand, it's a little more complicated when you want to bind multiple slices.
Still, once past the grief of memory, it will remain the pure pleasure of tactile relationship with the instrument: potentiometers are connected directly to your ears! They are just waiting to be manipulated in real time - but beware not to forget that you need four hands to simultaneously adjust the cutoff frequency of 4 filters (unless you're good with your feet).
Finally, a remark is important: use classic polyphonic mode is more difficult to play the chords as I imagined adjust units on the same patch requires patience and skill and the result is not always convincing.


This instrument produces pure analog sounds of high quality and from my point of view, it can be in the top of the basket. It obviously has its own character, a little different from competitors and at this level, it will be mostly a matter of taste. The sound of Vermona is "round", "sweet", "rich" and "warm", unlike many recent analog favoring some "aridity".
This does not prevent it from being offensive on bass and lead: with four oscillators, you have underfoot ... The copper stamps and "fluted" are also an incomparable wealth.
It is an instrument of choice for sequences and in this universe, his alternate mode will do wonders.
on the other hand, you will struggle to get out of the water or ropes polyphonic sounds. Better to consider it is not intended for that, although you can always try to push this field from time to time.


The Perfourmer offers to return to the old synthesizer, both by a direct approach, instantaneous, and typical analog sounds first. The thrill I felt on hearing drew me irresistibly. In return, it is a bit tricky to master instrument and it can be frustrating if your programming skills are somewhat accurate.
The architecture is original and 4 slices opens horizons that distinguish it from its competitors. I just regret not being able to operate well in polyphonic mode, we must believe that the instrument is not done or that I'm not talented enough to get there ... Anyway, this is a true wonder for bass, leads and sequences.
Briefly, this instrument has a very particular direction, it is not suitable for all uses, but it excels in its field.