Korg Monotribe
Korg Monotribe
JimboSpins 10/25/2012

Korg Monotribe : JimboSpins's user review

« Fun, but needs effects »

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The Korg Monotribe is a portable unit that is run by a battery, it does have a basic sequencer on the Monotribe (8 step pattern sequencer). There is also a built in speaker on the Korg Monotribe, it is not a very good speaker though. The cost of the Monotribe is very affordable; it cost less than 200 USB.


The Monotribe is a lot of fun before anything else; you can create all sorts of sounds with this unit. If you have a good external source for effects then your possibilities with the Monotribe will be endless. Three are 3 oscillators on the Monotribe, you have your Saw, Triangle and Square oscillators. If you have some general knowledge on how sounds are made then you will not have issues getting the sounds you want. But if you are new to working with oscillators then you would be confused and have a hard time at first getting what you want out of the Monotribe. It does come with a manual, but the unit itself is not hard to understand or use. I prefer looking online for tutorial videos; they will be a lot more useful to you.


The best part about the Monotribe is that it runs off batteries and it has a built in speaker. That means that no matter where you are you can turn it on and start creating sounds right away.


I was a little upset to find out that the Monotribe doesn’t have any effects on it and of course there is no sampling on the Monotribe, also no MIDI in or MIDI out. So none the less, the Korg Monotribe has become more of a toy for me. It is a lot of fun, but without on board effects and MIDI options it was difficult to fully bring it into my current set up.