Korg Monotribe
Korg Monotribe
saturax08 02/18/2012

Korg Monotribe : saturax08's user review

«  Magical and essential because mat! »

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100% analog synth semi modular with a sequencer and some vintage-style drum machine.


very intuitive. Everything is under your fingers and intuitive.
We easily find what is wanted when we know a little analog synthesis.


Here it is to die for. It sounds by quickly in "wild" side with the imprecision of analog synthesis that is fluid and changeable at will. That will never make the analog emulation.
It is not far from things that can get on a moog modular. Sounds that can be quite extreme or very soft.
The drum machine is excellent and punchy.


Very good filter on this small ultra portable synth. The sequencer is very convenient and a drum machine more. Really a good product that finds use in the studio.
Quality oscilateur and filter that he enters a mix very easily. The purity and side shifting of the analog of the 70's there.