Korg Monotribe
Korg Monotribe
Pictocube 03/13/2012

Korg Monotribe : Pictocube's user review

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See the previous notices.

Difficult to notice this point, for what it wants it there is everything you need, but it still lacks something ...


Configuration very simple if you can read the small table at the end of line 8 of the manual.
Manual minimalist, clear and sufficient.
Editing is easy, direct, no mystery to who has tried to know what are VCO, VCA and Co.
The application of tape used but in my case I cut his teeth on the monotron and I like the approximation of the stuff, others will hate, so to test.


The sound of the synth's filter but also reminds waves and well-known vintage, it's cool.
The drum sounds are very basic and not editable but they are clearly just there for decoration, I find them fun and for that I used are quite sufficient.


I've had almost two months, I used almost every day even if it's only 2 minutes to the con until a copy ends ...
I was a fan of Monotron I MS20/10 and therefore it is natural that I went to buy it.
What I like least is that there was no separate output for drums and synth.
What I like most is that it works on battery, I can summarize the crapper.
This choice I will ever see my second sentence.

You have to see something: it's a fun mini synth with no other claim, anyone looking for something else will be disappointed. This is not a MS10 is not a groove box, ...

It's small, it is compact, simple, with a heavy synth sound in it, it goes no further and that's what I find much in my case. If I want to lead the big brothers are there and to add a little sound in my mix quickly or on a piece is nickel, particularly with the Monotron in the audio jack.