Korg PolySix
Korg PolySix

PolySix, Analog Synth from Korg.

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nattem 02/01/2009

Korg PolySix : nattem's user review


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While prevailing in the market for synthetic monsters like the prophet of sequential circuit 5, the Oberheim OBX to Jupiter and 8 of roland machines, too complex and mostly unaffordable for the general public, Korg made the decision to leave in 1981 a different product, a "good musical instrument" voice polyphonic 6 under the barrier of $ 2000 & 1000 pounds, it's the birth of the Polysix. With its price, simplicity and sound qualities, the P6 seduces and meets a phenomenal success.


This synthesizer is very pleasant to use, beautiful, strong, well thought out architecture and its widely spaced orders can instantly act on each of its parameters, its simplicity is its strength!


The P6 is a pure analog and all the ingredients are there to get out of the big vintage sound very hot and bold: voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) + sub oscillator for each of the six voices, SSM chips for envelopes and filters. Unison mode, out of devastating bass, chord, arpeggiator and multi Latchable effect (also analog) with chorus / phaser magic.

Released just before the standard MIDI at noon, but not for midifiable + or expensive depending on the options (see forum)
No touch sensitivity (velocity & aftertouch)
Reduced potential for sound research, we do not play in the same course that prohet 5, 8 & obx jupiter
One entry (FVC) to control the filter frequency
Check that the battery did not sink!


It is clear that p6 is part of the generation of synths that have marked the history of electronic music, in addition to all these qualities, this analog is very reliable, very durable and requires little maintenance (a gum blow on the contacts under the keys once every 10 years and that's it). At the all-digital, plug and company I think the P6 is and will remain a good investment.