Korg PolySix
Korg PolySix

PolySix, Analog Synth from Korg.

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gillou38 02/23/2007

Korg PolySix : gillou38's user review


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5 Octave keyboard without velocity and aftertouch even less
Arpeggiator simple but effective
Unison mode (6 times the same sound) lead to exploitable
32 user memory (sauvegerde on K7)
Hold Pedal
Presence of a SUB OSC


General Setup could not be more simple
editions of his could not be more intuitive
OK Manuel

This is an entry-level synthe for the time (12000F was leaving anyway) there is
so that the trilogy almost mini-VCO VCF-VCA envelope with the assignment and negatice
gene of the VCF envoloppe


It's the sound vrai.Il is still a relative may have a soft JUNO6.
It is more accurate for the way his percussive marimba
For Brass and Organ tablecloths and it's nice
No generator noise (damage)
For big bass is not very dense ca


I used it for about 10 years
It is still below a Juno60
On occasion it seems to me a can of expensive but it surely has inflation on the vintage
There should be a better eesaye Alesis Micron for example, or a CS2x that give more for less (The afficionada from analog forgive me .... Maybe)

Some examples in