Korg PolySix
Korg PolySix

PolySix, Analog Synth from Korg.

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revega 04/03/2012

Korg PolySix : revega's user review


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The Polysix is ​​probably, with the Ms20/10, the analog synthesizer's most famous Korg. Admittedly, the time for the brand launched in the market for a product with polyphonic pretty well finished. Build metal, wooden sides, solid buttons, knobs and resistant keyboard honest (Korg's early 80's actually). In short, the Polysix is ​​built like a tank and will withstand years dramatically.


When you have this type of keyboard at hand, it goes very fast and the grip is immediate. The manual is not required if one has some knowledge of synthesis and editing is very easy. Only drawback, the stack memory that need to be changed before it drains and flows, jeopardizing the survival of the synth very seriously.


The sound of Korg P6 is very marked, which is normal but let me explain. Probably related to the use of SSM chips sound has the characteristic sound of metal. Caution, not digital (as Nordlead eg) rather not close enough to the MS20 in its sweetest moments. It seemed pretty obvious when I re-used at a friend after 10 years absence. This feature makes it an instrument but rather to typed personality 'family', give him any of his cousins, it works every time (MS10/20, Monopoly, Trident, Lambda, Sigma etc. ..)
His presence is undeniable and the depth of its bass is real. We arrive at something very alive quickly without spending too much time.
FYI it has nothing to do with a Juno 60, far from it, because the P6 allows experiments of all kinds and can largely stand alone even if you know the work. It's a synth more interesting in many ways and nothing but its characteristics well above the spot.


I used it a year in the early 2000s but his condition deteriorated I did not keep (given to a friend who did not help unfortunately). I loved his quick start, its relatively short heating time, his memoirs, a massive sound and look of Colossus. Since I had tons of keyboards but the Polysix always reminds me of good memories.