Korg PolySix
Korg PolySix

PolySix, Analog Synth from Korg.

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fedtho 08/28/2003

Korg PolySix : fedtho's user review


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6 voice polyphonic Synthtiseur
(1 oscillator / voice), 5 octaves
Modulation: Pitch Classic wheels (hauteurde note) & Modulation (amount of modulation by the LFO, see below);
ConnectiqueSortie Audio mono, no MIDI (!), Output to tape for backup memory (32 tones max), between pedals: Sustain, hold, arpeggiator (qqs and others).
Effects: 32 sound memory, a small section effects: Chorus, flanger, phaser, "all" (1 time), adjustable in intensity only
CONTRL by computer: no computer ACCS
Polyphony: 6 voices of polyphony
CHARACTERISTICS: 1 oscillator / voice (waveforms: triangle, square adjustable, sine) + a "sub oscillator" 1 or 2 octaves infrieures, "on" or "off" only, an LFO with same waveforms as the oscillator., speed, intensity CONTRL oscillator or the filter or volume (VCA) OR wheel, VCF (filter) cutoff, rsonance, control by the envelope (ADSR) volume or by organ type envelope (maximum / ZrO) tense pitch bend (pitch knob) adjustable.


It's (almost ... c'tait found today) an easy synth ULTRA-handle.
It would give today (and even its output to 1983 or 84 ...) seem to have t Designed for beginners ... In fact, KORG has done everything to keep it below a certain price to the era of the few synths with a memory for such a price the era (the exit trs shortly APRS, the Yamaha DX-7 has certainly come a long shadow ...).
But the little one is also possible rglages dfi, and you can "cheat" with the wonderful effects section to compensate for the lack of a second osc. by voice and LFO (modulation) in limited opportunities.

The manual silent relatively OK if I remember correctly, but, more importantly, we learned quickly esssayant trs, what is true for the majority of crasis synth ... hardware, at least ...

The backup sounds on audio cassette rvolutionnaire the silent era and worked well ...


The sound. What could be more subjective? By triturating long enough, you got really rev things well!

Its strength in the most silent in the acute and large hot mdiums serious (not the big sound ROLAND, it had not), but he had a personality own, we managed to draw r results at least passable in all areas, and I remember being impressed friends with a surrender of bluffing his Eddie Van Halen used on "Jump" (intro and chorus accompaniment), and he, he had an Oberheim OBxa, I think! By combining the LFO, the effect section and square wave modulation of the tilt I got a wealth of ground thunder, and the strings taient also more than satisfactory. More difficult for warm sounds of brass solos or large MOOG ... What the button UNISON gave trs trs well!

The absence of VLOC Obviously is a handicap, but I have a volume pedals, and does things with this thunderous accessory.


It was my first synth t and I used up the rope, pos on my Fender Rhodes (electric piano of legends, his only rival the Wurlitzer silent, the sound of Supertramp! ).

Comparison with the Yamaha DX-7 has fatal t (FM digital sound, much more dynamic ism of some amazing sounds, each will recall that only heard the DX-7 on all pop albums of the 80s, and it became tiring trs long as standard because of the complexity of the modulation frequency drives, everyone used the same presets, an example is the first solo Sting "Dream of the blue turtles", which, unless I am mistaken, the DX-7 synth used is the ONLY and that means ... n 'enlve nothing Russianness the standard of the album).

Obviously it's sentimental, but my Polysix made me standards of services, including live o its simple taient prcieux CONTRL. This is my favorite, and the report qualitperformances price silent
VERY good the era (the DX-7 Cost prs of our 1,500 Euros more!).
For cons, I can not dfendre against what has been done for or against such a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, or Oberheim OBxa of the Rolls and suprieures trsdsirables of the era, but also completely out of the door of my money prote ...
To date, I do not in fact always the DX-7, and he is than I would like sr yet ...

Note: There is a problem with the memory cell that starts on run after 5 Integrated Circuits 10 years depending on the case (I learned on a forum). This is serious if it comes too late, difficult (to do) rpar. If one takes time, the Polysix can last 20 years, I think ...