Moog Music MiniMoog Voyager XL
Moog Music MiniMoog Voyager XL

MiniMoog Voyager XL, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

Moog Music MiniMoog Voyager XL Official

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Designed in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Minimoog, the Minimoog Voyager XL is described as "a sonic powerhouse that pays homage to important milestones in the Moog synthesizer legacy."

It starts with the heart of a Minimoog Model D. "Fat oscillators and warm Moog filters give it that unmistakable Moog sound and the rugged construction and intuitive user interface design immediately tells you that you’re playing a high-quality musical instrument," the company says.

From the current Voyager lineage, the XL inherits a 100% analog signal path with stable oscillators, patch storage, touch surface, pot mapping and extensive MIDI control functionality, the company says. To all this, add a ribbon controller and 61 note keyboard.

Incorporating virtually all of the sound resources and functions of the original Minimoog Model D and Voyager, The Minimoog Voyager XL features front-panel patchability that harkens back to the original Moog modular synthesizers.

Highlights include:

  • 61-Note Velocity Sensitive Keyboard with After-Pressure
  • Ribbon Controller with Pitch and Gate CV Outputs
  • Touch Surface Controller with X, Y, A and Gate Outputs
  • Stereo External Audio Input
  • Effects Loop Insert
  • 2 Active Attenuators
  • 4-Input CV Mixer
  • Lag Processor
  • 2nd MIDI-Synced LFO
  • 3 Four-Way Mults
  • 20 Control Voltage Outputs
  • 3 Gate Outputs
  • 10 Control Voltage Inputs
  • 4 Gate Inputs
  • 2 Modulation Busses
  • Solid Oak Cabinet
  • Tilting Control Panel


Pricing & Availability

The Minimoog Voyager XL will begin shipping in the 4th quarter of 2010 with a price tag of $4,995.

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