Infracid 10/21/2013

Novation Bass Station II : Infracid's user review


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then it is part

it is about to start a monophonic analog synth (one note at a time) with 3 oscillators, 2 LFOs, an ADSR filter and one for amplitude, you have 4 types of filters available, a filter : bpf, hpf and lpf all 12 or 24 pole filter and a 4th acid says it will only have the 24-pole filter lpf (I think) a configurable but not usable midi (maybe I n arpeggiator ''m not happened ...), super bonus plus an overdrive (similar to the overload of at MOOG) and a pretty cool distortion (this is not a SHERMAN or COOKIE but is glad she is Ia). all with 128 memories (all rewritable) and a keyboard key (not mini ;)) receiving velocity and after touch.


use generally goes smoothly, everything is in front or almost, I have enjoyed having the syncro osc 1 and 2 directly on the front but really nothing too against it by a very troublesome disease when you do live and it is not the only (08 prophet, mininova ...). if you send a program change will remind the program in question has every passage of it, if you have a loop of four measurement and you intend to do with a rise of 8 cutoff measurement example is death, program will return to the settings made gold backing all four measures ...
last reproach, a button to compare the sound created in previous sound the same bank would have been welcome.


then the sound is great for powerful lead (or not) in all genres, for bass is not bad but far from a Minitaur from home or even a moog little phatty, however the structure of the bass Station 2 offers many more possibilities than those mentioned above, the conventional analog sounds are brought to her as well as the more aggressive kind justice, mr oizo .... fx does not scare him either, so you can R2D2iffier through 2 lfo as you please.

he sat next to me in a slim phatty, prophet 08, Minitaur, Machinedrum and the sound is quite compatible with these, from the point of view of safety and grain it has its place and has a blush of people.


Finally I would say that is the best status price / quality ratio seems to me quite obvious and justified, 460 euro for three oscillators with four filters and distortion, rather honorable keyboard with velocity and aftertouch all with 128 mémoire.donc yes it is a case, as the first synth or a set already provided it find a place without a problem.

all good composition.