petitsynthe 12/10/2013

Novation Bass Station II : petitsynthe's user review

«  Compact and rich synth opportunities »

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Value For Money : Excellent
2 octaves: compact side for me is an advantage because I have many other keyboards and too much space: anyway, I can always control it with a MIDI keyboard with more octaves.


Ergonomics are good thanks to the many knobs except:
- With regard to having to switch between the two oscillators to edit is not always convenient and it may quickly edit one wanting to edit the other, especially if we went in another section of synthesis between.
- The fact that the preset one always returns to the ignition.


- As regards the effects:

Distortion, I do not use it because I generally love rather soft and muffled sounds, but for electro sounds very fashionable at the moment, it does.
For cons, the overdrive on the filter gives a little more fishing and heat when used moderately.

- As regards the sound:

The sound seems a bit late, everything is relative, because I compare my Moog Phatty (which many fewer opportunities) and my Pro-one (not that n'à memory) ... and forget not that they have not VCO and DCO

But as to the possibilities of synthesis very important, for me it is more a complementary synth (but I repeat, for me).

In absolute terms, the fact that this is not a big sound is absolutely not annoying it regarding the FX or leads but may be for those who like "big" and bass ... even a synth like this is made to fit into a mix: do not forget that its too big is always difficult to place, in the case of BS2 it can even become an advantage!
Any way to get a better idea, I can only advise you to go listen to it in a store, spend a good half hour, and possibly compare to other similar machines ( MiniBrute, microbute, mini-MS20, sub-phatty, etc ...).


The value for money is excellent, like all the many new mono coming out on the market since Minibrute, but for the benefit of memories (although for some it is a disadvantage, go figure ... however, which can the more can do less, right?).

Our time is still great: when compared to Roland Gaia SH-01 (which is € 200 more expensive New) out there for 3 years, there is no comparison: on a real analogue with While COD, but it sounds great. Besides, what is Roland? they seem to have completely missed the hard tick return new analog ...

To summarize, a really good little synth sound may be a little late but two assets are the memories and the rich sound editing capabilities.