Roland JUNO-2
Roland JUNO-2

JUNO-2, Analog Synth from Roland in the Juno series.

patrice_ 07/12/2012

Roland JUNO-2 : patrice_'s user review

«  A true analog ... »

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I will not repeat in detail the features that have been fully described in other opinions.
In summary, this is an analog polyphonic 6 voices, an oscilloscope, a filter, an envelope.
Dynamic keyboard aftertouch 61 +


The programming is quite tedious in my opinion (I'm not a fan of navigation by alpha-dial). The ergonomics have won by more direct access parameters by keypad, for example.
There after the pg300 that finds the ergonomics of the first analog.
Unfortunately, I did not!
And it is also possible to make editions of his MIDI (SysEx) which is a good compromise ease / cost.
Finally, do not forget the four editions of rapid global settings (in parallel settings of the patch) that allow, especially live, to develop a sound very quickly, and why alpha-dial is very efficient and very pleasant .


Original preset sounds are obviously dated, since the aim was for the most part, to imitate acoustic intruments by analog synthesis, no samples (!). this is obviously not the strong point of the machine
After the synth to program synthetic sounds (tablecloths, basses, leads, effects) rather original, by design and features of the synthesis (such as multi-segment envelope, the possibilities of control by keyboard dynamics)
I like the grain filter which is really nice to listen.


I own this synth for a long time. Today, I use it only in master keyboard because I did not need his sounds into the music I play.
But if I needed his analog I réutiliserais again because:
- Reliable (no knobs that spit, etc ..), never had any problems except dust on the contacts of the keyboard keys (cleaning)
- The cool sound
- Programming simple enough given the limited architecture.
I recently emerged from the bass sounds for a demo with a group, and it's really more alive than the digital imitations.
This is a true analog qualities with its many limitations, but it's also what makes the charm of old synths.
Considering the current secondhand prices, this is an excellent deal.