Roland JUNO-2
Roland JUNO-2

JUNO-2, Analog Synth from Roland in the Juno series.


Roland JUNO-2 : Anonymous 's user review

«  My family's favorite Juno! »

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Keyboard: 61 keys, velocity, ATM.
Type Synthesis: Subtractive.
Polyphony: 6 voices.
Number of Generators: 1 DCO + 1 sub-oscillator.
LFO 1.
Envelopes: 1.
Filters: PB / PH simplified.
Sounds: 64 presets + 64 prog.
Combis: No.
Split: Yes.
Display: LCD.
Portamento: Yes.
Effects: Chorus.
Audio Outputs: Stereo.
External Storage Cartridge (64 sounds). Sysex.
Sequencer: No.


- The config is pretty simple, if we consider the wheel which gave its name to the synth as his girlfriend!
- Manual well-crafted, old ..
- Editing sounds via the interface or pg 300 or one of the various computer app.
- Note the quality of the keyboard, very flexible, the game is really nice.


- Sounds suit me
- Expression + Velocity (Juno 2 only) and especially the rate of the chorus ADJUSTABLE!
- No effects (well apart Chorus, but it is part of the INTEGRAL circuit synthesis)
- This synth is legendary, we recognize most presets, for those who prefer to use, but its sonic possibilities are finally large enough to tilt a synth 1 (+ 1 sub). We note the rate adjustable Chorus, which changes the game in my eyes compared to other synths range Juno. The game is very original envelopes and opportunities are extended (ADSR ADDSR, AADSR, ADASR ...) This synth is very distinctive, the Chord Memory function will delight lovers of House will recognize that the very grain of the particular animal used in moultes productions.
We leave soon something big on this synth, I love the bass produced by single DCO (+ sub), I have a lot of synthesizers and bass produced by the latter are quite unique and very deep with this something hot / cold that I really like, I would say that the bass is gray.
I feel this machine a little each time that Roland and saw its price occaz is much more interesting than any analog VA or even at the same price.


- Possessed long ago sold, then finally bought here (with some good large galleys, anyway). I had a lot of gear manufacturer's Japanese, I have yet, but it is a little synth part, for me, I love it and am glad again.
- Perhaps the lack of parameters directly accessible on the front could be prohibitive for some, but the parameter. Summary There are 35 or 36, the alpha dial and menus are well designed, it sounds out easily without sighing and having fun. Note the excellent software that allows publishing alphaBASE via the computer, it is really well done (but I no longer use it, the computer is usually closed pdt studio sessions).
- Report Q / P super interesting to me, I think the coast will increase in the coming months, as bcp Roland gear this time. JX series is also very interesting, and synth are very good ..