Roland JUNO-2
Roland JUNO-2

JUNO-2, Analog Synth from Roland in the Juno series.

arnaud! 02/17/2013

Roland JUNO-2 : arnaud!'s user review

«  Not bad at all! »

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The keyboard is quite correct, much better than some of my other synthesizers.


Operation is simple but if you do not like me hyper pointy analog synthesis, it is a bit confusing at first. The wheel is Foute, but be aware that it seeks.
I use an app for Ipad edit sounds, and frankly it's super convenient and cheaper than pg.


The sounds are pretty good, large tablecloths, bass not bad at all, some effects correct.
Sounds relatively large, I was more than surprised.
Ls factory sounds are good starting points. It can sound hyper modern .... actually browsing the sound banks of sounds found in some well known artists!


I am super happy even if the PG ca be even better.
It sounds really good, seems very solid, has a proper keyboard .... honestly for the price it is deadly!