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Apple iPod user reviews

  • Apple iPod Nano Chromatique 8 Go

    Apple iPod Nano Chromatique 8 Go - "Great item."


    The Apple iPod Nano Chromatique is a great iPod that gives you excellent sound quality to listen to your music or watch videos. This iPod is great for just listening to music and relaxing. The iPod Touch has the same, but with Internet, Apps, Videos,…

  • Apple iPod Classic 80 Go

    Apple iPod Classic 80 Go - songboy's review


    I absolutely love this device.  What I like about it most is simply the fact that I can carry all of my music collection and a couple of movies in my pocket.  Another thing that is good is the screen size is acceptable enough to watch movies or podca…

  • Apple iPod 80 Go

    Apple iPod 80 Go - moosers's review


    I've had my Apple 80 GB iPod Black for about two years. I'm sure that know a bit about this as they have really become ubiquitous. Just about everyone in the modern world has an iPod these days and you can't blame them, as they are cheaper than ever …

  • Apple iPod Classic 160 Go

    Apple iPod Classic 160 Go - AceLeppard's review


    I use this machine for months now. I'm not very skilled or educated on players of all kinds, but I went through the sony walkman, mp3 a basic that we all had in 249 mo ... I still buy lots of records, because I have a hard to do without the physica…

  • Apple iPod Classic 160 Go

    Apple iPod Classic 160 Go - Percolardon's review


    * For how long have you been using it? I use it for a few days to replace my Archos 404 which has passed away. * What thing do you like most/least about it? I originally purchased primarily for its storage capacity fairly consistent. But I must s…

  • Apple iPod Touch 32 Go

    Apple iPod Touch 32 Go - bootsydan's review


    It's been a year since I have an ipod touch, that is a perfect complement to iTunes which delivers a good sound overall. I 'm essentially serve as a walkman, for it is that vraix regarding the wifi and all the applications Apple does it work ca nic…

  • Apple iPod mini

    Apple iPod mini - Evilmarmotte's review


    Bought there over 5 years, but now unencumbered. I had a lot of models of low cost mp3 players before, but they all eventually give up the ghost, that's what prompted my purchase at the time, I thought the product would have an apple better life. …

  • Apple iPod Shuffle 2G 1Go

    Apple iPod Shuffle 2G 1Go - Teurastaja's review


    It is almost a year since I use it, I tried a few models before is my favorite the +: size, autonomy, sound, ease of use the -: no repeat function on a single song, transfer music with itunes is long and not necessarily intuitive (that's why I …

  • Apple Ipod Nano 4 Go (2nde Gen)

    Apple Ipod Nano 4 Go (2nde Gen) - ScahR's review


    I have this iPod for 1 year Pros: Very small, very nice, sturdy, the navigation interface very nice, sound quality very good (which equals not that of my Sony MD player but still much better than most MP3 players Trade) Cons: obligation to use …

  • Apple iPod 30 Go

    Apple iPod 30 Go - mr x's review


    IPod Classic 30GB capacity compact. I use it for over 2 years. Most: It very compact for the capacity It makes it touch, I want to say is we just have your finger on the buttons to navigate what has avoided having too much pressure on it and …