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Thread Request help: audio dropouts with id22

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1 Request help: audio dropouts with id22
Dear Audient users,

I bought my Audient id22 two months ago. I am really satisfied with the excellent sound quality of id22. I have recorded all the guitar tracks for the new album of my prog rock band.

Unfortunately, despite the amazing sound I have experienced frequent audio dropouts since I switched to id22 from my previous audio interface (M-audio M-track). Audient id22 is connected via the USB port to my iMac (late 2009, Intel 3,06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 500 GB HD, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 9400 256 MB, OSX 10.13.2). The id22 is set as audio input and output. High quality TRS cables are used to connect my monitors and id22. Audio dropouts happen to the headphone output as well.

I wrote to Audient Helpdesk requesting help. They replied immediately and did they best to help me, however we have not been able to solve the problem yet.

Summary of the issue:

1. Audio dropout starts as clicks and pops until it turns to a totally distorted audio signal. It effects media players (Youtube, iTunes etc.) and DAW (Logic Pro X) as well. The recorded track does not contain the clicks and pops in the recorded signal when dropout starts during recording. It seems that it effects the audio signal in the outputs.
2. Audio dropout starts not immediately. It takes some time (from 1-2 minutes to 20-30 minutes) until it happens. It can be solved sometimes with winding back or forward in the media file if media players are used (Youtube etc.). However, I need to close Logic Pro X (and sometimes the media players too) if it happens with my DAW. Interestingly, I experienced less frequent audio dropout at the time of recording many guitar tracks for the album.
3. Here are the steps I have already done with the help of Audient:
- changed USB port (all of my iMac's four USB ports have been already tried)
- NVRAM reset
- SMC reset
- removed the driver of my previous audio interfaces
- removed unused files (now I have 140 GB free storage capacity)
- disabled energy saver function on my iMac
- checked for updates of OSX, Nvidia driver etc.

Unfortunately, none of these steps has solved the problem. I would be extremely grateful if anyone had some other tip to help me. Buying a new iMac is not an option right now. :)

Thank you for your kind help 2088250.jpg
in advance.

Best regards: