Audio Interfaces news

  • Echo2 USB Audio Interface

    Echo2 USB Audio Interface

    09/06/12 in Echo Echo2

    The Echo 2 is a personal mixer and a USB audio interface.

  • Apogee Electronics Quartet

    Apogee Electronics Quartet

    09/05/12 in Apogee Quartet

    Apogee Electronics unveiled Quartet, a desktop audio interface and control center for Mac.

  • Focusrite Forte

    Focusrite Forte

    09/05/12 in Focusrite Forte

    Forte features two remote-controlled mic preamps, the same mic pre that features in Focusrite's RedNet range.

  • Roland Duo-Capture EX

    Roland Duo-Capture EX

    09/03/12 in Roland UA-22 Duo-Capture EX

    The new Duo-Capture EX is suited for both home recording and mobile production.

  • ESI Gigaport HD+

    ESI Gigaport HD+

    09/03/12 in ESI Gigaport HD+

    The Gigaport HD+ replaces the Gigaport HD.

  • RME Audio HDSPe MADI FX Now Shipping

    RME Audio HDSPe MADI FX Now Shipping

    08/31/12 in RME Audio HDSPe MADI FX

    RME’s new HDSPe MADI FX is now available.

  • IK Multimedia Summer Strummer Special

    IK Multimedia Summer Strummer Special

    07/13/12 in IK Multimedia Amplitube 3

    IK Multimedia has announced that from now until September 5th, 2012, they will be offering four waves of AmpliTube deals.

  • PreSonus AudioBox 1.2

    PreSonus AudioBox 1.2

    06/09/12 in PreSonus AudioBox USB

    PreSonus is shipping AudioBox 1.2, a free update.

  • MOTU Track16

    MOTU Track16

    06/07/12 in MOTU Track16

    MOTU introduced their new desktop audio interface, Track16.

  • Alva Audio Nanoface

    Alva Audio Nanoface

    05/27/12 in Alva Audio Nanoface

    Audio AG, distributor of RME and ALVA, has globally started shipping of the ALVA Nanoface for Windows and Mac OS X.