Roland GR-55S
Roland GR-55S

GR-55S, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

Jyz 04/09/2011

Roland GR-55S : Jyz's user review

«  a small step for man one giant leap for the guitarist »

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full effect of the top modeling c is where you can vary the depth of the box .... the sound effects are synths + + compared to 20 grams or 30 that I got them


unreadable manual and complicated but fairly intuitive use the menu on returning ds (edit) everything can be set without having tray + 12!


I play with a nylon godin acs I 've nothing to f. .. txt and the other dance, but Mark Knopfler strato available with nylon, that is very


a bit expensive but necessary because I must have ds sounds of banjo Organ Guitar saturated etc. ds my group, so playable on stage, the only criticism is that the loop is too short (20s) so I put my acoustic output boss loop pedal and it rolls