Roland GR-55S
Roland GR-55S

GR-55S, Audio/MIDI Converter from Roland in the GR series.

jeofroi 04/14/2011

Roland GR-55S : jeofroi's user review

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tracking and bending to the internal sounds better than gr 20 internal sounds are playable but not great sound reproduction also ca decroche not hurt if we control module external connector out midi in audio output no audio inputs limited connectivity


config and editing very simple no need for manual AC Roland knows how the intuitive


that the st a matter of taste, my opinion is that sound effects and c is not as terrible habit of filters roland c is the cheap this depends on individual needs! one who wants to make the experimental AC can make her happy with the internal sounds and effects! one who wants to sound pretty traditional stringed violins ect winds or even good techno with big sound requires an expander the side vg99 I personally am not a fan, so I can hardly be objective rather short looper


AC is one month that I I just used to control an expander in the end! j had a prior c GR20 is substantially similar in response time tracking of the multi-effects plug-ins such c is very cold AC remains roland J have a Line 6 pedalboard photo I still have not used and its al looper regarding the c modelings amp is like line6 is straightforwardly best to have some fun at home rated the compact toolbox while c is a good scene for the game should just use s as a unit of S with MIDI control and multi-effects and more expander it is quickly serious limitations with this kind of material c is evolutionary not upset at many machines that surprises us every day we get tired quickly the price for the side toolbox c is reasonable but overall it just to tinker garnd didn't change anything I wanted my set to try any kind compact pedal all in one but c is not possible personellemnt J made a useless investment GR20 was my very well the case