Waves X-Noise
Waves X-Noise

X-Noise, Audio restauration software from Waves.

Reno-Theplankton 03/02/2014

Waves X-Noise : Reno-Theplankton's user review

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Typical installation, RAS.
No incompatibilities found (Win 46Bits)


Config: Intel i5 3750, 8GB RAM, SSD.
Very stable.


I use it for about a year.
What I like most:

His walk, his walking even very good. I do a lot of sampling, including jazz and blues, and I often sample old records. Grave this plug, I get to give them a new lease of life to integrate them into my mixes. It's really easy, already without adjustment, insertion of the plug, you feel a huge difference. After which more detailed settings, this is the day and night. I use it on many things eventually. One can for example make a big "cleaner" distortion, although a priori it is not intended, we keep the density of the distortion, but it takes a lot of aggression, its can be interesting on some pojets.
For those who register their guitars at home in an environment necessarily prfait or preamp with too low quality, can be a real remedy even if its still a stopgap meteriel a good record.

I ime least?

Uh .... can be the 90s design, but who cares :) .

The quality / price ratio: It's expensive, it's really expensive, but lives with this stuff, then saves ...

With experience, you do again this choice?

I do not know, really, I'd like to try the Ozone RX7, but otherwise I would keep so!

Digression: For sound designers, this plug can be very funny: there is a "difference" mode, or you listen to only what the plug was removed to our sound. Certain sounds, leaving the difference mode is activated, you do excellent finds!