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Waves Z-Noise

Waves Audio has added its Z-Noise noise reduction processor to its Restoration, Broadcast & Production and Diamond bundles.

Joining forces with X-Noise, X-Hum, X-Crackle, and X-Click, the new Restoration bundle now includes, according to Waves, everything that is needed to revive damaged recordings.

According to Waves, Z-Noise is a noise removal processor which reduces a wide variety of unwanted sonic artifacts from all kinds of content. We’re told that hiss, ground hum, computer noise and many other undesirable sounds can all be removed with Z-Noise without impacting the quality of the original source.

Z-Noise features real-time noise profiling, which is designed to allow users to create noise profiles from sources which contain signal and noise, unlike other methods which require a “pure” noise sample. According to Waves, Its innovative transient preservation technique retains the full dynamic impact of source material, while enhanced low-frequency resolution preserves high audio quality.

Z-Noise includes both Learn and Extract modes for capturing noise profiles plus a 5-band graphic noise profile EQ, and its Adaptive mode continually updates profiles which change over time. With 24-bit/96kHz resolution and the ability to monitor either the entire output or only the extracted noise, Z-Noise seems to be a reduction powerhouse.

The new Restoration bundle lists for $1,800 Native, $3,000 for the TDM version. Diamond, Broadcast & Production and Restoration owners with Waves Update Plan coverage can add Z-Noise for $400 through their user accounts.

For more information, visit their web site at www.waves.com.
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