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Thread Plug-ins aren't showing up in Pro Tools....

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1 Plug-ins aren't showing up in Pro Tools....
Hello, first post. I've recently purchased and installed iZotope Nectar Elements, but I can't for the life of me get it to show up on Pro Tools.

I made sure it was in the /Library/Audio/Plugins/VST section and have restarted my computer and pro tools. Is there anything else I can do to properly upload and use the plugin?
What version of PT are you using?

PT doesn't use VST plugins so you're probably not searching the right place. If you're on PT10 or older, you should check under /Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins for the RTAS version. If on PT11 --> /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins for your AAX plug-ins. It won't be there though, as I don't believe iZotope Nectar Elements offers an AAX...
Can I get Elements to somehow work in Pro Tools 11? Worst case scenario, I still have Logic, but I'd rather not have to use multiple DAWs just to process my vocal tracks :???:
Hi icetone--Unfortunately, Nectar Elements doesn't support 64-bit AAX, so it won't run in 11. Do you have Pro Tools 10? If so, it will run there, and the session file format is the same as Pro Tools 11, so you could do your vocal processing in 10, render the vocal track(s) with the effects, and then open the session in 11. I checked on the iZotope website, and the full version of Nectar 2 does support 64-bit AAX, so will run on 11. You might want to check into whether there's a discounted upgrade from elements to Nectar 2. Good luck!
If you don't have anything other than Pro Tools 11 that you'd wanna use, then the best solution would be to find some sort of wrapper plugin to hot the VST version. Something along the line's of Blue Cat's Patchwork or MB-7 Mixer.

There are other examples but I can't think of them right now. One that seems very interesting is something called Metaplugin, which (among other things) can serve as a wrapper in order to side-step around file-type constraints. I've never used it myself, but definitely worth a look if I were in your predicament. good luck