Tech 21 VT Bass
Tech 21 VT Bass

VT Bass, Bass Amp Simulator from Tech 21 in the Character Series series.

Audiofanzine FR 12/13/2008

Tech 21 VT Bass : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by karlos/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
AMPEG SVT amp simulation pedal.

One input and one output on 1/4" jacks.

3-band EQ : low, mid, high.

9-volt PSU or battery operation.

Character and Drive controls.

Master volume and level controls.

Very high quality potentiometers.

High-quality switch.


ULTRA easy.

Set the output volume first.

Set drive to 25%.

Set character to 40%.

Set low and high to 70%.

Set mid to 40%.

Now you have the Ampeg sound.

The user's manual is clear and provides setting examples.


I owned a Bass Driver. It was already very good.

I connected it directly to my Mackie mixer (old US model).

I had a POD but I found it somewhat cold.

And with this one I just couldn't believe what I heard. I couldn't believe that a pedal in this price range could give me the characteristic sound of a SVT amp...

It's simply amazing. It's plug and play with my Musicman and G&L.

It has no XLR output (the Bass Driver had one) but I don't really miss it.

The low-end response is very faithful.

Connected to the return path of my Hughes and Kettner amp the sound is also very good.

Direct connection to a mixer: excellent

Direct connection to a sound card: excellent

The dynamic response is faithful. Don't use too high drive settings.

Once you adjust the EQ and the level you can try different Character settings to get an idea of what you can do with this option.


When I bought mine it was the last in the store...

The three other ones had already been reserved (one of them was for Laurent VERNEREY, a very popular studio bassist).

Laurent COKELAERE owns two of them which he uses connected directly into the mixer during live gigs.

This shows the high quality of the unit.

I've had mine for two days and I had never been so satisfied with a purchase. And the value for money is great. What a sound... I rediscovered my bass.

I don't play live so I don't want to buy an Ampeg amp head to use only its DI output.

Since I'm also a guitarist I will also test 4 other amp simulation pedals (Fender, VOX, Marshall and Mesa Boogie).

As a summary: This unit sounds very good, is not expensive and you can take it with you everywhere.