Tech 21 VT Bass
Tech 21 VT Bass

VT Bass, Bass Amp Simulator from Tech 21 in the Character Series series.

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yannou_365 06/23/2009

Tech 21 VT Bass : yannou_365's user review


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It's an Ampeg amp simulation, pedal format, and it's 100% analog.

Concerning the description just been said above, and it's like on the picture!
Level, 3-band EQ, low, mid, treble, drive and character.

Potentiometer "character" brings the hot side of a slamming bass amp tube.

Very simple jack connector in and out, came to power by 9 volt transformer.
This gear at a huge output, I use the preamp of my amp and DI to register for my sound card.


It takes about 4 seconds to find her almost perfect.

The buttons interact with each other, like on a real amp!

The manual provides provides examples of simple config, ranging from the vintage to modern. I think a chimp could use it without difficulty.


Then there is a break there nose ... This little thing comes out sounds much better than my old AMPEG SVT 3 pro ... It was not the best, I grant you, but hey!

We keep a dynamic and an incredible presence in any situation!
Certainly it is far from the XX band parametric EQ, but the frequency range has been very well studied.

The bass are really beautiful, ca does not bleed, ca does not saturate, that is happiness!

It can be used also distortion pedal, and the sound is really hard!
Saturation sound is brilliant, and can become as cold as the blizzard digging Scandinavian mediums and by the character to donf '

So, this toy can show a very smooth, like a very brutal, it was the whole range of Ampeg to 10x cheaper.

I play an Ibanez SR 20th Anniversary (relic of 1987) plugged into the pedal, in return for an Ashdown MAG 300 cabinet with a 4 * 10 '
Primarily jazz-fusion, rock and metal. This pedal is perfect in all situations.


I use it for a few weeks, I fell in love!

This thing can revive an old rotten amp, used as a preamp, pedal effects for the large distortion of death, or ID to register.

I recommend it to everyone!
I think I will buy it back with eyes closed, despite the price a little high.