Bass Choruses/Phasers/Flangers
Bass Effects Bass Choruses/Phasers/Flangers
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Bass Choruses/Phasers/Flangers user reviews

  • Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

    Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus - " Good product"


    Bass chorus pedal analog. An input jack and two jack outputs for stereo use. UTILIZATION General configuration simple: four knobs (too much for me ..) Not very comfortable with the controls and knobs in general, I have relied to some examples g…

  • Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

    Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus - ikaruga.jun's review


    Analog chorus pedal. An input jack and two outputs (one single and one for the stereo, which allows for spatial sound). 9V power like all these little pedals ... The rest is the Boss: Always the same chassis, the same switch, the same size foot. V…

  • DigiTech Bass Multi Chorus

    DigiTech Bass Multi Chorus - MarcoLB's review


    Everything has been said about this in other reviews so I will say no. UTILIZATION Very easy to use as many pedals, it is also for this reason that many musicians come back quickly after a time spent to take the lead with multi-effects ... SOUN…

  • EBS Dphaser

    EBS Dphaser - Dbman's review


    Phaser digital, true bypass (ie the electronic pedal is fully short-circuited when the effect is not active: no sound coloration, no parasites so) The settings are typical of a phaser: modulation range around a frequency defined (WIDTH) and speed o…

  • DigiTech Bass Multi Chorus

    DigiTech Bass Multi Chorus - Geo la bidouille's review


    bass chorus with many voices form of pedal effects are not editable, digital technology, 1 input, 2 outputs. UTILIZATION Simple setup guide, a small manual is included with the case! SOUND QUALITY The sounds are clean and effective encouragi…

  • Carl Martin bass chorus

    Carl Martin bass chorus - Bk basse's review


    Double Bass Chorus (as if you had two identical side-effects pedals side, but in one case even then). Format double pedal (see photo). Technology numrique (apparently)? The sounds are ditables ... somehow RULES since each of the two chorus…

  • Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

    Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus - chab5's review


    It is a small chorus analogue effects via a non ditables pc 1 input jack and two jack outputs (A and B to play in Stereo) UTILIZATION Setup is simple, fawn boss 4 buttons and voila: volume low filter (Aplique can more or less the effect…

  • Behringer Bass Chorus BCH100

    Behringer Bass Chorus BCH100 - Bullterrier's review


    Classic chorus UTILIZATION Hyper Single SOUND QUALITY Good quality of all OVERALL OPINION This chorus is the appearance of a super fragile quality-price ratio Compared to the BOSS CEB3 that I had, I still regret a certain lack of warmt…

  • EBS UniChorus

    EBS UniChorus - Le Grand Flandrin's review


    Pedal chorus and flanger and pm Simple and very good. UTILIZATION Very easy to use. Two more buttons switch and that's it. Super tough case. SOUND QUALITY Its super clear. No loss of power. Bypass excellent OVERALL OPINION I use it for 1 …

  • Harley Benton BCH-1 Bass Chorus

    Harley Benton BCH-1 Bass Chorus - GrasLeLapin's review


    CHORUS It's a low standard format PDAL 4 buttons, and everything is explained in the piece of paper that serves as a manual for ... etoute fawn, it is best to plug in and turn the knobs to hear what was, right? UTILIZATION In this price (24.90…