Ashdown Dual Band Compression
Ashdown Dual Band Compression

Dual Band Compression, Bass Compressor/Limiter from Ashdown.

dour2002 12/18/2007

Ashdown Dual Band Compression : dour2002's user review


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2-band compressor pedal format
input gain, output volume
analog (a priori)
nothing special

if the buttons were actually good I would put 5 or 6 but I put a (for the pretty box Chrome)


The simplest setting is to not press the switch, that's where we had the best sound.
otherwise look for a compression without saturation does not eat low or no dynamics .. I tried after 20 minutes I got tired.

1 for ease of non-use.


Tried on a Cort A4 (also) and a Hartke HA3500 head, although it really is not my favorite amp, the sound was much more defined, Péchu and had more sustain .... NO effect.

then I can not put even a built-in compressor to the head did a better job.


I just wanted to confirm previous opinions, I said that I tried the pedal in-store (20 minutes). I had a digitech that costs less and although digital is a much better compressor than the latter (which is more expensive).
I could also use the limiter / enhancer that is worth the digitech boss (without having the same sound but that's another story) and so is a hundred times better than this.
I have nothing against Ashdown in particular I wanted to try this pedal because I owned a combo of the brand that worked quite well .. Always try before you buy (or not)!