Ashdown Dual Band Compression
Ashdown Dual Band Compression

Dual Band Compression, Bass Compressor/Limiter from Ashdown.

jembozzo 09/15/2006

Ashdown Dual Band Compression : jembozzo's user review


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So-called dual band compressor
but in fact the stew


Trs simple
one branch has not sound
we lose the momentum, the clartbr /> on a saturated


Effects inextistants
compression acts as a saturation
used with my three basses, even rsultat (precision us, g & l, cort a5)
bis a real stew


I used a twenty minute story of trying to change the battery to see if anything has changed problem, but not
ds that mounts the gain between a saturated
ds that compresses the low frequencies, a saturated
if it compresses the frquence high, you lose all acute
the balance between the two bands gives you a choice of his sour without acute
or without the saturated DEFINITIONS without dynamic and always without acute
a horror vritable
I have a ebs I wanted to sell, but I will finally keep
was not worth either my dbx 166x
This has absolutely avoid MODEL